25 Apr 2024

Retro 1970s Victrola Lunch Box « Toy Blog

Aquarius has launched an incredible new lunch box for those who enjoy music and miss the old record players and vinyl records.

The Turntable Embossed Fun Box lunchbox perfectly reproduces an old classic record player with a wooden case, in the style of the 70s, including platter, neck, needle and silver panel with several control buttons such as pitch and rotation among other details.

The lunch box has a high-relief lid and is made of sturdy tin with high-quality paint, metal clasp and black plastic handle. It’s sure to catch the attention of your colleagues and measures approximately 9.91 cm wide by 21.84 cm long by 17.27 cm high.

The Turntable Embossed Fun Box lunch box costs US$22.99 at Toynk Toys, which accepts orders from Brazil.

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Via NMR/Aquarius.

Retro 70s Victrola Lunch Box

Retro 70s Victrola Lunch Box


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