05 May 2024

Akuma is coming to Street Fighter 6! See gameplay

Street Fighter 6 It was one of the most acclaimed fighting games of 2023 and featured a respected cast with a vast list of fighters. Now, it’s about to get even bigger with the arrival of Akuma, one of the saga’s most iconic characters, on May 22nd.

Akuma will be the last DLC character of year 1 of Street Fighter 6 and is one of the names that fans are most excited to play for. The series veteran is set to round out the game’s first wave of extra fighters.

The announcement was made by Capcom this Monday morning (29). The Japanese giant also confirms that the character’s arrival will be accompanied by a balance update for the entire cast, as well as new features in the World Tour mode and the addition of the “Enma’s Hollow” stage. Check out the trailer:

O Akuma gameplay trailer in Street Fighter 6 shows the iconic fighter breaking everything against Ryu in the new Enma’s Hollow phase. The character looks more intimidating than ever and his skill set also looks sharp. Furthermore, the trailer suggests that he will have two looks — including a classic one in which he wears a blue kimono.

Remembering that all those who have the Deluxe and Ultimate editions or the Year 1 Character Pass and the Year 1 Ultimate Pass Street Fighter 6 will receive the Akuma automatically when it is released.

Who is Akuma?

Akuma, also known as Gouki in Japan, is one of the most feared and respected fighters in the franchise Street Fighter. He is a master of martial arts and does not do without difficult and intense fights against his opponents.

With rigorous training and relentless pursuit of perfection, Akuma mastered the forbidden power of Satsui no Hado, a dark energy that consumes those who use it. She is the antithesis of the Power of Nothingness, which is mainly used by Gouken and Ryu.

Akuma is one of the most iconic characters in the Street Fighter franchise.Source: Capcom

Determined to become the strongest fighter in the world, Akuma travels tirelessly in search of worthy opponents, challenging even the most powerful warriors.

His mysterious appearance and brutal, relentless fighting style make him a formidable opponent in any competition. Street Fighter. In the sixth game, apparently, things will be no different!

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