04 Jun 2024

Silent Hill 2 has a release date revealed and a new scary trailer; check out!

The remake of Silent Hill 2, without a doubt, has been awaited by fans of the work for a long time. Fortunately (or not), Konami heard the fans’ prayers and decided to embark on this venture with Bloober Team, a video game studio The Medium which will give new air to James Sunderland’s sad journey on PS5.

Well, the good news here is that the wait is finally over. Konami confirmed, during a special franchise event this Thursday (30), that o remake de Silent Hill 2 will be released on October 8th for PlayStation 5 and PC. Additionally, a spooky trailer was also revealed during the showcase. Check it out below:

The trailer shows several reimagined excerpts from the PS2 classic — and it even seems that Bloober Team improved the quality of the game compared to the last presentation. In addition to James Sunderland, we also get glimpses of Pyramid Head and his never-ending hunt for the protagonist and, of course, the iconic city with its streets filled with fog.

Silent Hill 2 remake is being developed based on Unreal Engine 5

The remake of Silent Hill 2 is being developed based on Unreal Engine 5 and will feature two new features: Lumen and Nanite, which can take “graphics to new levels, highly detailed and realistic, while elevating the game’s edgy atmosphere.”

Silent Hill 2 remake is being developed based on Unreal Engine 5.Source: Konami

Furthermore, the game will take advantage of all new generation features, so expect 3D audio (with the WWise sound engine), DualSense support and, of course, extremely fast loading due to the SSD.

Well, if before we had doubts about the quality of the game, the new trailer for the remake of Silent Hill 2 seems to ease the hearts of anxious fans. It’s worth remembering that the reimagining will first come out on PS5 and PC. After 12 months, the temporary exclusivity on the Sony console will end.

Silent Hill 2 Remake gameplay is better

Following Sony’s State of Play, Konami presented a first in-depth look at the game’s gameplay. Silent Hill 2 Remake at a separate event. The showcase began with James Sunderland exploring the first parts of the game, such as the streets of Silent Hill and Brookhaven Hospital, as well as meeting Laura along the way.

It’s interesting to note that the quality of the remake seems quite different from the last presentation. Unlike the most recent showcase presented by Konami, now the reimagining of Silent Hill 2 it seems to be much more polished, especially when it comes to gameplay and scenarios.

There are also some new mechanics here, such as the possibility of breaking car windows to search for resources. Of course, the big highlight is the atmosphere of the reimagining — which is even more terrifying than ever. The empty and fog-filled streets are really scary!

The video also showed several snippets of clashes between James and the Bubble Head nurses — as well as other scary monsters. Silent Hill 2’s gameplay ends right in the section of one of the game’s first bosses. It looks like the classic is in top form — much to the delight of eager fans!

Pre-orders for Silent Hill 2 remake are now available on PS Store and Steam

Konami has already made pre-sales available for Silent Hill 2 Remake on Steam and the PS Store, which will be sold in two versions: Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition. Check the prices below:

PlayStation Store


  • Standard Edition — R$ 349,90

  • Deluxe Edition — R$ 399,50

    • Full game;

    • Digital art book;

    • Digital soundtrack;

    • Máscara do Pyramid Head

    • Robbie Rabbit Mask;

    • Mira Dog Mask;

    • 48-hour early access.

Silent Hill 2 is a true landmark among horror games

For many fans of the series, the first Silent Hill was the pinnacle of survival horror when it arrived on the PS1 in 1999. This, of course, raised concerns at the time, as the sequel would have the difficult task of surpassing its predecessor.

James Sunderland’s story is one of the most macabre in horror games.Source: Konami

Well, fortunately, horror has been taken to another level: what we received from Konami in Silent Hill 2 was nothing short of one of the best horror games of all time.

James Sunderland’s captivating and sad story is a true journey of psychological horror, with a frighteningly macabre plot. Currently, the game is also available for PS3 — through an HD remaster.

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