09 Jun 2024

remake of Zero and Code Veronica are in development, says rumor

After the resounding success of the reimagining of Resident Evil 4 In 2023, there is much speculation about what Capcom’s next big project with the franchise will be. We had strong rumors stating that it could be Resident Evil 9but recent speculation suggests that, in fact, could be the remakes of Resident Evil 0 e Resident Evil Code Veronica.

The person who brought the new rumor to light on social media was Dusk Golem, a long-time insider of the franchise. However, he has said so many different things in the last few days that many fans are getting confused. In any case, we will guide you through the situation!

Capcom would be developing remakes of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Code Veronica currently.Source: Capcom

Golem himself had previously stated that Capcom could announce Resident Evil 9 in the traditional announcement window in the middle of this year — with a launch date of 2025.

Shortly afterwards, the channel Biohazard Declassifiedwho would have received the details in an alleged email, stated that Capcom intends to release the remake of Resident Evil 1 in 2026 — when the franchise completes 30 years of history.

Not Resident Evil 1, not Resident Evil 5 and not Resident Evil 9

Bom, It turns out that neither one nor the other will see the light of day anytime soonif the new Dusk Golem rumors are correct.

According to the insider, who apologized on X (formerly Twitter) for the mess in the information, Capcom should not advertise Resident Evil 9 in the middle of the year, the supposed remake of Resident Evil 1 is fake and the remake of Resident Evil 5 would not be in active development currently.

Resident Evil 5 remake would not currently be in production, according to Dusk Golem.Source: Capcom

In truth, Capcom would be developing remakes of Resident Evil 0 e Resident Evil Code Veronica not moment. “I’ve talked to a lot of other people behind the scenes about this, it’s something I heard over a year ago, I think it would get out whether I was the one to say it or not, and that’s it,” he said on social media.

Well, the information about the supposed remakes of RE 0 e RE Code Veronica Leaked by Golem were corroborated by Andy Robinson, a journalist from VGC who said in X to “listen to this man”.

After comings and goings, It’s worth remembering that absolutely nothing has been officially confirmed by Capcom so far – therefore, treat the text with great caution.

Relembre Resident Evil 0 e Resident Evil Code Veronica

The news that Capcom would be producing remakes of Resident Evil 0 e Resident Evil Code Veronica It certainly warms the hearts of nostalgic fans.

Resident Evil 0 is a kind of epilogue to the first game in the franchise, released in 1996. In it, players discover what happened to the STARS Bravo team while playing with Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen simultaneously and discovering other behind-the-scenes stories about Umbrella along the way.

What will be the next game in the Resident Evil franchise?What will be the next game in the Resident Evil franchise?Source: Capcom

Already Code Veronica It also made an epoch when it arrived on the Dreamcast in 2000. In it, players control Claire Redfield, who after the events of the second game went to Umbrella’s headquarters in Europe in search of her brother, Chris. This is a game full of iconic and defining moments for the franchise.

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