11 May 2022


IMC Toys’ own IP ranges, including Cry Babies, Cry Babies Magic Tears and Bloopies, will be a major focus during the Toymaster May Show, alongside newly developed IPs such as Bubiloons and Peek-A-Pets.

Stand-out hero items are the BFF Cry Babies collectible fashion dolls. A category first for the UK business, the range introduction means children can be fully immersed in a comprehensive Cry Babies brand journey, from baby, nurturing doll play to collectibles, culminating in fashion dolls.

Content remains a key driver for IMC, and the company has made substantial investment in producing new material hosted on its official YouTube channel, Kitoons, alongside media partner platforms and its new Kitoons Over-The-Top (OTT) platform.

New Icy World themed ranges have been introduced for the new-look number-one nurturing doll Cry Babies, and the Cry Babies Magic Tears collectible doll ranges, to reflect the new animated series, which airs from July. While new Dressy Fantasy characters will join the core Cry Babies portfolio, three waves of Cry Babies Magic Tears have been unveiled: Icy World Keep Me Warm, Icy World Dinos, and Frozen Frutti. Having introduced its first Cry Babies Magic Tears playset to extend the brand play experience, IMC continues the expansion with Dreamy’s Mega House. The playset includes over 25 accessories, an exclusive Dreamy Cry Babies Magic Tears collectible doll, six different play areas, plus hidden features only revealed with the dolls’ signature magic tears.

The innovation continues with Sweety’s Birthday Calendar, a seven-day surprise reveal experience disclosing different accessories, plus an exclusive Sweety doll character, behind every door for children to enjoy in the run-up to their birthday.

Water and bath play will be covered with the company’s range of Bloopies Mermaids and Fairies, including the new Fairies Magic Bubbles, which combines water squirting features with bubble blowing wings.

New IP Bubiloons is a range of cute animal characters that blow balloon bubbles. The latest toy lines will include the Bubiloons Confettis and BubiGirls, a new party collection of balloon blowing characters to assist their creature counterparts.

The latest addition to IMC’s plush portfolio is Peek-A-Pets, a super-soft, interactive cuddly toy. Launching with a baby bunny character available in white or neutral colourways, Peek-A-Pets offers little ones peek-a-boo play: squeezing the bunny’s tummy will reveal its face from beneath the oversized floppy ears. An interactive version is also available complete with peek-a-boo feature, lights, music, and night-time mode to offer both daytime play and bedtime companion.

IMC Toys will be at the Toymaster May Show, 17-19 May, the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate. Contact: info.uk@imctoys.com; 01904 720908

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