01 Jun 2022

Hasbro announces MONOPOLY Throwback Token Vote winner

Following a month-long fan vote, Hasbro has announced that the Thimble token will return in the next generation of the MONOPOLY game later this year after receiving the most votes during the MONOPOLY Throwback Token Vote campaign.

The “sewing companion” will take the place of the T-Rex token, after the ferocious dinosaur couldn’t fight off the fans – receiving the most votes to leave the game. Players can still get a hold of the current MONOPOLY game with the T-Rex token before it heads to extinction this summer at Amazon.com.

In the worldwide call-to-action, fans had a chance to vote one of the current tokens out and bring back one of the six retired iconic tokens, popularised in the 1990s, in the next generation of MONOPOLY – Thimble, Wheelbarrow, Iron, Boot, Horse & Rider, or Money Bag. Since the vote kicked off on April 28, the all-time favourite Thimble was consistently the leader among competitors, eventually securing 30 per cent of the votes.

In 2017’s fan vote, the Thimble, Wheelbarrow, and Boot were retired and replaced by the Penguin, T-Rex, and Rubber Ducky. While the 2022 race was close, the T-Rex received the most votes to leave the game (30 per cent), and will retire its short-lived MONOPOLY run.

The refreshed version of the MONOPOLY board game, featuring the Thimble alongside the Scottie, Battleship, Racecar, Top Hat, Penguin, Hazel [the cat], and Rubber Ducky tokens, will hit shelves in autumn this year in the U.S. at Amazon.com and in spring 2023 globally.


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