02 Oct 2023

Super Mario Desk Organizer « Toy Blog

Super Mario will organize the clutter on his study or work desk with this incredible organizer and modular pencil holder.

The Super Mario Desktop Organizer desk organizer is made up of a green base and four modular blocks to be placed any way you want. The blocks are decorated like in the games, including yellow question block, brick block, green pipe block and blue block assorted with illustration of the fire flower and golden coin.

Pads can be used to store pens, pencils and other office items. The blue pad has an integrated pencil sharpener and the square base measures 15 cm. The organizer has been officially licensed by Nintendo.

The Super Mario Desktop Organizer costs US$23.99 on pre-order from Entertainment Earth, which accepts orders from Brazil.

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Via Paladone.

Super Mario Desk Organizer

Super Mario Desk Organizer

Super Mario Desk Organizer


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