01 Nov 2023

“Our potential is very high”, says Showmaker about Dplus

A Dplus is one series away from advancing to the playoffs Worlds 2023, o LoL world championship. The team will have to face its compatriot KT Rolster qualifying for the next stage.

In an interview, the mid laner Showmaker, from Dplus, spoke about the team potential, pressure in the world, choose different runes for Ahri and more.

Is Showmaker feeling the pressure at this World Cup?

I’m actually not feeling much pressure because we are currently the fourth best team in the LCK. I was under a lot of pressure when we were the defending champions and when we were winning everything. From this experience, we realized that being under pressure doesn’t really help. It’s better to know how to handle pressure well. This time, I can play more calmly and I think because of that I was able to do better.

Dplus potential at Worlds 2023

For sure, because I know that our team has very low moments, but our potential is also very high. As long as we can reach our full potential, we will be able to achieve this.

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Choosing the Foot Agility rune for Ahri

Firstly, as I said before, I don’t want to think too much about our wins because we were supposed to win those matchups, so I don’t believe that determines whether it was our best performance. As for choosing the “Agility of Feet” rune on Ahri, most of the time Akali players choose secondary rune MR and Doran’s Shield. As the enemy jungler was a Nocturne, I knew he wouldn’t gank in the early game, so I decided to choose a different build, especially with the rune.

There was a rune that allowed me to do more damage to someone who had more health than me, so I decided not to buy a health item so I could do more damage to Akali. I also knew that Nocturne wouldn’t be near the mid lane, so I was able to deal even more damage. Additionally, Akali has 45 MR and 23 armor at the start of the game, so I knew I should opt for physical damage to deal more damage and have lane pressure.

Showmaker would not like to face LCK teams to determine the playoff spot

This press conference was held after the team’s victory on Friday (27), and at the time they were asked which team the mid laner would like to face. At the time, it had not yet been decided who Dplus’s opponent would be.

I would like to face NRG, and I would love to avoid any LCK or LPL teams as much as possible.

The draw took place this Saturday (28) and the opponent will be KT Rolster, also from the LCK.

The next Worlds 2023 games

With today’s victories, five teams are already qualified for the tournament playoffs. T1, JDG, NRG, LNG e Gen.G. The last three teams that will be in the decisive phase of the competition will be defined, on Sunday (29), from 00:00.

Team Games 2-2

  • Dplus KIA x KT Rolster
  • G2 x BLG
  • Fnatic x Weibo

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(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)


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