04 Feb 2024

Flamengo esports officially returns to LoL

Now it’s official, the Flamengo Esports is back in LoL! The organization will play the 1° split do CBLOL Academy 2024 with the Team GE line-up, one of the teams that won the competition’s qualifiers.

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What will Flamengo Esports’ line-up be for CLBOL Academy 2024?

  • Top: niN
  • Jungler: Ditch
  • Mid: Black
  • ADC: ST3PZ
  • Support: Bountz

It is worth highlighting that, from the original line-up of Team GE, just Boal decided not to continue with the project. On his X (ex-Twitter), the player highlighted that he still wants to continue competing, but believes that the decision is the best at the moment.

Regarding my current situation, I was registered due to Riot regulations, but I don’t have any active contract with any organization and my future remains open. I hope this clarifies certain things and recent rumors, moreover, thank you for everyone’s support and affection.

Flamengo Esports back in LoL

Flamengo Esports returns to LoL after more than a year of leaving the scene. The organization, which began in the Challenger Circuit and even has brTT as one of its players, he managed to win a place in the CBLOL franchise system.

However, it was a turbulent period with several controversies, which caused Simplicity, which at the time was the company that owned the Flamengo Esports brand, to sell its place in the CBLOL to LOS. In June of the same year, LOS announced the purchase of 100% of the red and black place in the tournament.

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It is worth highlighting that currently Flamengo Esports is managed by Medellin, which also played with the red and black mantle in sports such as Free Fire, CS:GO e VALUING

When will Flamengo Esports debut at CBLOL Academy 2024?

O Flamengo Esports premiere on CBLOL Academy 2024 in day February 5th against LOUD Academy.

(Image: Disclosure/Flamengo)


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