04 Feb 2024

How to make money on Cartola in 2024?

For some time now, the Cartola FC is no longer a simple application fantasy game, and today it is possible to earn good money with it. And the best of all is that this prize can be won in different ways, in some of them without the need to deposit any money.

To do this, you have Cartola Express, which is an expanded version of the game where you can even select players from International Leagues. Or with the traditional Cartola, which is performed throughout the Brazilian Championship. Furthermore, although it is still in the beta phase, Bolão could also be another alternative for invoicing with the app in the future.

And to help you with this, today Voxel brings you a tutorial how you can make money in each of these modes. Check out!

How to make money at Cartola Express?

As the name suggests, at Cartola Express you have a series of national and international leagues available, in which it is possible to include athletes in the same format as the traditional game. The difference is that you can earn a certain amount each round, which lasts around three to five days, and not the entire season.

At Cartola Express it is possible to participate in international competitions for a cash prizeSource: Reproduction / Voxel

In this format, the platform presents a series of options, divided by tournaments. Currently available are:

  • Paulista championship;
  • Italian Championship;
  • English Championship;
  • Spanish Championship
  • Brazilian Super Cup.

In each round, you can assemble a team for each of the Disputes. These in turn cost a certain amount, which can vary from R$0.10 to R$7.50. After making the payment, you must assemble your team according to the matches that will be played. For example, if the Dispute includes the Spanish and English Championships, you can mix players from both competitions.

You can merge your team with athletes from different Leagues that are included in the current Contest.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

It is also possible to use some features already known from the traditional game model, such as Reserves and Autocomplete. The latter, as its name suggests, automatically fills your team, alternating between players with good income, and a total that fits within the current value available to assemble your squad.

Throughout the matches, players accumulate points based on the same rules as traditional Cartola. The one who earns the most points in the total round, within their Dispute, wins. Payment is made via bank deposit and takes up to five business days.

It is also worth remembering that the platform itself offers some free Disputes. In other words, you don’t have to spend absolutely anything to participate. In addition, there are also a series of promotions, such as doubling the amount deposited on the platform, and bonuses that are distributed on the fantasy game’s social networks.

It is also possible to participate in Disputes without having to pay anything, and competing for cash prizes.It is also possible to participate in Disputes without having to pay anything, and competing for cash prizes.Source: Reproduction / Voxel

How to make money at Cartola Tradicional?

Unlike Express, Cartola Tradicional continues throughout the Brazilian Championship. Therefore, the way to earn money with the game is slower than the other way. Basically, you need to add points each round, and the highest ranked players can exchange this score for cash or other prizes.

Furthermore, at the end of the competition, there are also a series of other bonuses, both for individual players and for the Leagues that scored the most. In addition, of course, to prizes for exclusive Leagues on the platform.

At Cartola Tradicional you can win cash prizes at the end of the seasonAt Cartola Tradicional you can win cash prizes at the end of the seasonSource: Reproduction / Voxel

Nonetheless, It is worth remembering that, to date, it is not possible to play Cartola Tradicional. This is because, as previously stated, it only starts operating during the start of the 2024 Brazilian Championship, which starts on April 14th.

How to make money at Bolão do Cartola?

Still in the Beta phase, Bolão do Cartola will be another way to earn money very soon. This is because it offers a system very similar to that of betting platforms, the famous Bet, which became popular in Brazil.

So far, it is only possible to play guessing with your friends, and find out who gets the most results throughout the rounds, and at the end of each of the State Championships in which it is available. It is also worth noting that, As of the writing of this article, Cartola has not revealed plans to make cash prizes available in this mode.

Still in the Beta period, Bolão do Cartola does not currently have money-making optionsStill in the Beta period, Bolão do Cartola does not currently have money-making optionsSource: Reproduction / Voxel

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