21 Mar 2024

“I still feel like they can destroy teams,” says Derke about LOUD

In an interview with Thorin, Get outduelist from FNATIC no VALUING, talked about the rivalry between the team and the LOUD. Furthermore, the player praised and stated the difficulties in facing the Brazilian team.

Derke remembers the match against LOUD on LOCK//IN

A Grande Final do VCT LOCK//IN 2023 it was between LOUD and FNATIC, with five maps and an 11-3 for the Brazilian team. However, the opponents brought the game and emerged champions.

In the interview, Derke spoke about the LOUD players and the respect he has for them even after the victory on Brazilian soil.

LOCK//IN was our first match like that and I always respected them because they seemed well organized, their players are very good, like Less, quote, as they were great in their roles.

I respect their IGL, Saadhak because again as Boaster I think all the players he played with, shone and he empowers everyone very well.

(Photo: Riot Games)

FNATIC’s difficulty in facing LOUD in Champions 2023

During the Champions 2023, LOUD and FNATIC met twice and in both cases, the team led by Saadhak came away with a 2-0 victory. Furthermore, Derke reported that his cast was unable to adapt to the Brazilians’ compositions.

So, I had a lot of respect for the team and I still do, each individual is good. In Champions we lost to them twice and it seemed like LOUD’s compositions were very difficult to play against our composition.

We didn’t know how to counter some of their things because they play with some unusual compositions and they adapted to us and then we started to panic or change something right before the game and that left some people confused.

Furthermore, Derke said that if the game hadn’t been against LOUD, FNATIC would probably have beaten any team they had faced.

So what I will say is that it was more credit to them for being so good rather than us having a bad day.

I will say that even on a bad day, I feel like if it weren’t for LOUD, we would have beaten any other team, but LOUD for me, they have compositions that are very annoying to play against.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Derke says LOUD is still at a high level

They were actually really good and I still feel like they can destroy teams now, Less and Saadhak are a good core along with Cauanzin and TuyZ.


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