29 Mar 2022

Kids Industries completes 360 degree rebrand project with iSpace Wellbeing

Family-focused marketing agency Kids Industries (KI) has completed a 360 degree rebranding and design project with mental health and wellbeing curriculum provider, iSpace Wellbeing. The culmination of the project sees the business launch a digital wellbeing product that serves children of all ages and creates a safe place for them to go for support.

With an exciting whole-school approach to mental health, iSpace Wellbeing designs educational curriculums across an age-appropriate framework. It provides teachers with information on who and how to ask for help, and a common language – encouraging conversations about mental, emotional, social and physical health, to become part of everyday school and home life.

Paula Talman, Founder at iSpace Wellbeing, says: No-one understands the kids’ market more than the Kids Industries team and with their insight-led approach they’ve created a friendly and welcoming tone, ensuring those interacting with our brand instantly feel they are in a safe space. Our new brand identity is also strong enough to stand out in a large industry and be relevant for a wide range of ages, ensuring that those engaging with us know that they can talk freely, in a trusted atmosphere and learn about their own mental health.”

For the qualitative research, Kids Industries spoke to parents, teachers and children/students (from both primary and secondary schools) across the UK, and with participants who had experience of mental health challenges, to dig deeper into what support they wanted.

Gary Pope, CEO and Co-Founder at Kids Industries, says: “Right from the project outset it was clear from our own research that consumer need was high. 18 per cent of UK parents said their child’s mental health had got worse over the past 12 months and one in four parents had no idea where to access mental health support materials for their children.

“Our research framed the direction iSpace needed to go in – to really drive change at a point of entry primary-age level where a parent-led product could really add meaning, value and support.”

The Kids Industries team defined a clear set of brand values and created a concept and style based on these – making it relevant to its audience. A new logo was produced with each letter in the name iSpace representing a full sentence: “I Stop Pause And Calm Everything”. Coloured shapes were also used to represent a wide range of emotions and moods that can be experienced in mental health and wellbeing.

A new website was designed and launched, too – with a teacher-led UX journey focusing on optimised navigation and underpinned by a content management system that captured data on key trends to help understand user needs.

‍Pope concludes: “iSpace Wellbeing’s work is essential in response to the growing need for greater mental health support, but it’s also forward-thinking in preparing children for the future. With this new look, feel and function, the business is promoting positive mental health and making it more accessible and uplifting to talk and learn about – and we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their journey.”

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